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Dogs & Cats Professional In Your Home Pet Sit while You're away! Fluffy Faces Sitters!

Why hire a professional sitter?

While hiring a neighbor or unprofessional may be cheaper, your pets may not receive the attention and care they deserve from someone who is inexperienced with caring for multiple animals. By hiring a professional pet sitter, your family pet will not be subject to fleas, parvo, kennel-cough or other spreadable illnesses if they are placed at another location. Your pets all stay together in their comfortable home to reduce stress.

Where do you provide pet sitting services?

Fluffy Faces serves Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, Hutto, Cedar Park and other areas that are within a reasonable radius of our location. All pet sitting services are provided in the client's home.

Do you offer overnight visits?

At this time, we are not offering overnight visits -updated 9-14-12.

What times will you visit my pet(s)?

We spread your visits out as evenly as possible. We try to perform services within a one-two hour window of your preferred time frame to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible, but again, this cannot be guaranteed due to other pet needs and traffic conditions. We will ask you your preferred time frames and use this as a reference, but please understand that it is impossible for us to guarantee specific times for every client. :)

What is the minimum number of visits required?

Once a day for cats and at least twice a day for dogs. This applies to pet sitting. For midday potty breaks where the owner will be home in the evening - once a day is sufficient. Although, we will be happy to visit more than once for potty breaks.

Can you administer medication to my pet?

We can administer most medications. However, we cannot administer injections. Please discuss this with your sitter prior to booking services.

What is a consultation? Is this required?

A consultation is required prior to starting service and typically takes 20+ minutes. At the consultation we will discuss your services, meet your pet(s), answer any questions you may have and fill out the necessary paperwork. The first payment for service will be collected at the consultation unless other arrangements are made.

How will I be billed? What are your payment methods?

Pre-payment for pet sitting services is required before service starts in the form of a check, cash, money order, credit cards or PayPal. We use Square Up to process credit cards securely from our phone at the consultation. For dog walks and midday potty breaks, regular clients will be invoiced the beginning of each service period. We will leave the invoice in a visible area of your home.

What experience do you have caring for animals?

Fluffy Faces started as a business in 2009 in central Texas. The owner has completed a CPR Pet First Aid course and is a member of various pet sitting professional organizations including Pet Sitters International and Professional United Pet Sitters. We continue to educate ourselves in the field of caring for others' pets, as well as 20 years ownership of our own furry family.

Do I need to show proof of vaccinations?

Pets should be up to date on Rabies vaccinations.

My dog will not wander off. Is a leash for walking required?

A leash and tags are required for all dogs going for walks. In addition, we will not let dogs outside to relieve themself in an un-secured area without a fence.

How do I fill out the paperwork and information for my pets

We will provide you with forms at the consultation. These forms can be filled out after we leave and left for us upon the first visit of service. The only forms we need at the consultation before we leave, is the service agreement and veterinary release signed which allows us to take your pet to a vet, should an emergency arise. We will give you a copy of those forms. You may also request we email you the pet information and client which can be filled out online and sent to us directly.

How do you get my key to provide services?

Two working keys should be given at the consultation. If only one is provided, owner will be responsible for locksmith charges for broken or non-working keys. We do not charge you to drop off your key after services. (we will not leave keys at the final visit for security). If we need to pick up your keys after the consultation before services start, a pickup fee may be added.